Insights 2020 webinar series by Menlopark
Model Based Development: The Complete Solution For Absolute Consistency


In this webinar we will present their high-level system solutions and product offerings that deliver Absolute Consistency and the latest developments in the complete solution for Absolute Consistency. We will discuss the different tools we offer for model-based development of embedded software, their unique value propositions and core functionality, what role they fill in our ecosystem of products, and how they can be combined together to offer a powerful, comprehensive solution that is unique to the industry.


John Mills co-founder SimuQuest in 2001 with a vision to create more efficient model-based development products and services. John began his career as a Technical lead development of Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) technology with Ford He later joined the GM Power-train team where he developed engine air and EGR estimation prediction algorithms and also developed controls oriented engine and vehicle models. John went on to serve as a Manager for Power-train Controls and Diagnostics at Hyundai before moving on to Motorola Automotive as a technical lead focused on engine control and automatic code (auto-code) generation for production. At Motorola John managed the model-based software development group and was instrumental in leading the first automotive-industry production auto-code deployment. In this webinar, John Mills will focus on enabling safer, more innovative electronics by delivering Latest Developments in the complete solution for the Absolute Consistency.


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13 MAY, 2020

04:30 PM (IST)

co-founder SimuQuest
John Mills presenting by menlopark

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