Insights 2020 webinar series by Menlopark
Visual Trace Diagnostics - In the Lab and In the Field


Software trace data has a massive potential for improving development for embedded and IoT software. Percepio is pioneering the area of Visual Trace Diagnostics, where the trace data is processed into a powerful model of the recorded system behavior. This enables a whole new level of visual analysis capabilities that improves developer productivity and software quality throughout the development process, from early prototyping to deployment.

Percepio Tracealyzer is the leading solution for visual trace diagnostics and speeds up your development and verification work. Tracealyzer lets you see the big picture, spot issues and drill down into the details to reveal the cause.

Percepio DevAlert lets you monitor your deployed IoT devices in the field via automated error reporting with remote diagnostics, powered by Tracealyzer and Amazon Web Services (AWS). DevAlert provides immediate awareness and feedback to the developers, allowing for rapid resolution of reported issues.

Join this webinar with Percepio founder Dr. Johan Kraft and learn how you can boost your embedded and IoT software development by using visual trace diagnostics.


Dr. Johan Kraft,
CEO and founder, Percepio AB

14 AUGUST, 2020

02:00 PM (IST)

Dr. Johan Kraft,
CEO and founder, Percepio AB
JohanKraft percepio

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